Wines2Whales 2022

Wines2Whales 2022

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This year’s Wines2Whales definitely brought the vibe, gees and energy! The Ciovita Team had the best time - those on the bike and off the bike. Those on the bike were in a little bit more pain and had some interesting tan lines but nonetheless they had big smiles on their faces throughout the 3 days. 

We asked a few employees, some questions,  who have tried and tested the 3-day stage event in our very own kit to give us a run down of their experience and what their opinion is of Wines2Whales. 

1. A General overview of the event

Really well put together, from the registering to the water points and sweepers finishing up after the day's event, everyone plays such an important role to make the event come together as it is known with all its gees. I did not have a partner for the whole event as she injured herself with the race event, but rode along with teammates where I could. The race village after the event has a great post-event good vibe, after a good meal and beer then off to a shower and back to the village to enjoy the camaraderie from the day's highs and lows.

 -  Gemma (Creative Studio Manager)

2. What were your expectations going into your first Wines2Wales?  

I've done the race 4 times, but my first time at the event was my most memorable, as I fell off my bike in the parking lot and dislocated my shoulder before stage 1 had even started.  Luckily the medics helped and I managed to start and finish the race. The wine after dinner on the first stage certainly helped numb the pain.

- Andrew (CEO)

3. The highs and lows of the overall experience?

Highs - Day 3 was a lot of fun, and challenging at some points but going over the pass is a memorable experience. Lows - Day 2, the ups and downs of single track can get challenging if you are not used to it, but once you are over the hardest climb of the day it just flows all the way back to the finish.

- Gemma (Creative Studio Manager)

4. What Ciovita Kit did you wear?

I wore my apex bibs on day 1 and 3, then my supremo bib on day 2 - both bibs I highly recommend. I matched each of the bibs with a different colour tinta - which is super comfortable and the colour combo’s looked rad. A Cirro Jacket or a gilet is recommended to bring along just in case the weather does turn. 

- Charl (Marketing Manager) 

5. What would your advice be to a first-timer doing the race? 

Keep rehydrating, practice waaaaaay more single track (2-3 rides are definitely not enough), just keep thinking of it as getting from waterpoint to waterpoint, don't overwhelm yourself with the distance/elevation, try your best to have fun even if you're scared.

- Lauren M (Product Designer) 

6. Did anything really stand out for you while you were riding? How did you feel

One of the things that stood out for me was seeing my partner experience his first MTB event and all the different emotions that went with it was pretty special.

- Daniel (Production Planner)

7. What snacks did you eat while racing? What are “go-to’s” for nutrition? 

The waterpoints are really well stocked with hydration and snacks. A wise athlete once told me to always pack something you would be excited to eat, as munching on the same bars can get a bit sickening after a while. But a good way is to drink something every 30 minutes, and eat every 30-45 minutes.

Gemma (Creative Studio Manager)

8. Anything else you would like to share

Make sure your bike is serviced before the event and be sure you have topped up your tire sealant, so that you can avoid any technicalities and just enjoy the ride.

- Andrew (CEO)

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