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Too often cycling kit bags are simply modified generic sports bags, and while these serve their purpose adequately (i.e. you can put your kit in them), we decided on a different approach when it came to the development of our own Essentials Kit bag. Our starting point wasn't the bag itself, but rather the functionality and design cyclists need in both casual and race environments. We began by canvassing some friends of the brand as well as our pro riders; looking at where current kit bags fell short, and what features we could tailor towards the specific needs and demands of the sport. In this article we are going to look at how each feature and compartment is designed with purpose and how it answers the needs of riders.

cycling kit bag with lots of storage space

The first consideration is around storage, while most rides will require one set of kit we wanted to create a bag that met the space requirements of pro riders. Our bag is designed to comfortably hold enough kit for a three day ride (you can fit more kit in if you so wish). This makes it perfect for everyone, from weekend warriors heading out to their favourite trail or pass, right through to pros competing in multiple stage races.

Cycling kit bag with interchangeable labels

Our second major consideration was around a customisable experience. When we spoke to riders they mentioned a variety of different needs and while each compartment of our Essentials Kit Bag has been designed to serve a distinct purpose, a variety of factors, such as different weather conditions, seasons, the length of a race, or the discipline may require you to retrofit parts of the bag to your unique needs. We created the bag with an interchangeable labeling system to help answer this need. The labels help you both locate your gear, but also help you plan your ride, ensuring you have everything you need before you leave home.

cycling kit bag bright orange interior

Speaking about planning and quick access we wanted to find a way to ensure that riders could access each area of the bag quickly and easily, but also ensure that once they had gotten what they needed they didn't have to worry about whether they'd secured all areas. Our design team solved this issue by making the interior of the bag bright orange. This simple solution means that you can see if any pockets are open by simply looking at the bag.

Cycling kit bag with dedicated helmet storage

This bag has you covered from head to toe and by head we mean helmet. We have integrated a dedicated helmet storage compartment inside the side pocket. The helmet is firmly secured in the compartment by a mesh layer (which is fully breathable for post ride sweat), which keeps it in place and ensures that it doesn't take up too much space inside the bag.

Cycling kit bag with shoe storage

Our shoe storage compartment lets you slip your cycling shoes into a dedicated space that runs underneath the main compartment. This keeps the shoes separate from the rest of your kit, preventing damage and keeping dirt away from your most sensitive items. The bag also features a branded groundsheet that can be laid down for changing shoes without getting your socks dirty as can be seen in the image below.

cycling kit bag with changing ground sheet

Cycling Kit Bag with accessories and tools

The bag also helps you sort your tools and accessories with a zip down side pocket that contains secure storage to help you protect and sort your plethora of bike tools. It also has space for a wide range of accessories from chamois cream right through to energy bars. Individual mesh compartments secure these items in place meaning they are always exactly where you packed them.

Cycling kit bag padded valuables bag

 A further feature is a special compartment which both stores and protects your most valuable items from damage. This padded compartment is perfect for electronics like cameras or your GoPro as well as items such as sunglasses that require extra care and protection. The compartment is removable and zips open from the top giving easy access to your valuables and meaning you don't have to scratch around looking for a high value item that has shifted in your bag.

Essentials Kit Bag post ride storagewet clothes storage area

One of the biggest insights we got from our riders was that while most bags are geared towards pre ride, the post ride experience is as important. What do you do with your sweaty kit or your dirty shoes? To solve this problem we have integrated a dedicated post ride clothing storage area that allows wet kit to breath, but also keeps it separate from your other kit. A branded shoe bag is also included allowing you to confidently store your cycling shoes even after the toughest rides

Dedicated post ride shoe bag

Overall the Ciovita Essentials Kit Bag has been designed from the outset with cyclists in mind. We have taken our research and applied design solutions to provide a bag that stands apart from any others on the market. We truly believe that form follows function and this bag epitomises this design philosophy.

Get the Essentials Kit Bag here.

Essentials Cycling Kit Bag

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