Simone Sharp

Adventure Seeker
Scuba Diver
The Connector

Simone's smile is contagious, and it doesn't take much to light it up. She's surrounded by all the things that bring her joy—sunrises, animals, oceans and mountains. Her day kicks off with her furry friends showering her with love, and soon after, she's off on an adventure in nature. It's a life full of joy and happiness for Simone!

In 2022, Simone took on the remarkable challenge of conquering the 13 Peaks Challenge. Despite not being in the best shape, she was determined to conquer the peaks. Simone overcame cancer at 15, battled a life-threatening blood disorder at 18, and had a shoulder replacement at 23. These experiences made her resilient and grateful for life. Choosing to take on the 13 Peaks was a personal battle. She could have quit at any point since it wasn't a matter of life and death. But she never gave up, even when faced with physical and emotional pain during the 39-hour challenge. Simone is incredibly proud of herself for pushing through and accomplishing her goal. It's a testament to her strength and determination.


  • 13 Peaks Challenge, 2022
  • Completed 3 Solo Ultra-Triathlons
  • Completed 3 George 6 Peaks Challenge