CIOVITA X Michelle-Lize Van Wyk

August 26, 2021 2 min read

CIOVITA X is a new, collaborative project where we partner with local designers, artists and creatives to create Limited Edition kit. The purpose of these collaborations may vary from project to project, but the goal will always be to use our platform to either uplift, promote or do good in the community. This kit is once off, with smaller runs and represents something rare and special that should take pride of place in any cycling wardrobe.

For our first Ciovita X Collab we are partnering with Stellenbosch-based artist Michelle-Lize Van Wyk. The artist has gained renown for her floral-themed paintings, which have been featured widely at galleries and in the media.


At their heart, Michelle's paintings are about life, and this was what attracted her to working with the Ciovita brand. In the words of the artist... "Since starting to paint in 2008 more or less everything I paint revolves around the theme of life. What gives, supports and sustains life? How do the choices we make, what we surround ourselves with and what we believe affect us? Even more specifically, - what are the things that we can build a life on? What are the things that will not fall away under our feet when the world is shaken?"


Three pieces were selected for the collaboration, each one named for a different precious stone inspired by the 12 foundational stones of Jerusalem. 

The three selected for this collaboration are Jacinth, Sapphire and Beryl. You can view the full collection here.


The project is linked to AITSA!, an NGO based in the Dwarsrivier Valley that provides aftercare for children in the area. The NGO was formed in 2013 and takes on 35 Grade R children per year to provide support and aftercare. The organisation commits to partner with each child and their parents from the age of 5 until they are 18 years old. As of 2021 AITSA! has 220 children under their wing.

AITSA! offers various programs including educational development, arts and culture programs, life skills development, parental support and sports development. 

"Our goal is to ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop their natural talents, whether it be sport, art or other activities that they would not otherwise be exposed to." says Bianca Grobbelaar, from Rest Established, who has been an essential part of setting up the collaboration between Michelle-Lize and Ciovita, and has also been donating her time to offer Mountain Bike skills training to the children at AITSA!

Ciovita have committed to donate R100 to AITSA! for every Collab Jersey sold. If you would like to help AITSA! you can do so by:

  • By sponsoring a child or program financially
  • By signing up as a volunteer and donating 1 hour of your time per week

You can read more about the program and follow them on social media:

Instagram:  @Aitsa_Aftercare
Facebook: @AitsaAftercare

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