August Adventures: Racing, Launches and Celebrations

August Adventures: Racing, Launches and Celebrations

The month of August has been an exhilarating month at CIOVITA, as we've been hitting the ground running with multiple events, launches, and unforgettable moments. From racing through challenging terrains to celebrating women's achievements, we've been on a journey of excitement and passion.

We race-tested our kit at the gruelling Trans Baviaans; supported the next generation of top cyclists at the Cycle Lab SA School Series; dressed Epic mountain bikers in Europe and Australasia at The Spar Swiss Epic and Reef2Reef; and launched pre-orders for FNB Wines2Whales.

Women’s month

This month, we proudly launched a significant product to our range, the Supremo Pace Bib, a creation designed by women for women. This launch also aligned up with Women's Day in South Africa. What better way to celebrate Women's Day than by hosting a ride for women, showcasing our new product, and creating a space to share inspiring stories? We're thrilled to have received valuable feedback from the incredible women who joined us, spreading smiles and the spirit of #sheovita.

CIOVITA Women's Day CIOVITA Women's Day

Trans Baviaans: Conquering the Challenge 

Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa, we took on the Trans Baviaans 24-hour MTB Marathon Race. This gruelling challenge combined extreme cycling with awe-inspiring scenery, and we're proud to have had teams take on this epic journey. Special congratulations to our CIOVITA Women's team, Elrika Harmzen and Jessica Wilkinson, who emerged victorious in the Women's Category.

CIOVITA Trans Baviaans

CIOVITA Trans Baviaans MTB race

Swiss Epic 2023: Conquering the Alps 

Venturing to the Swiss Alps, we embraced the Swiss Epic - a 5-day, 339 km adventure of climbing and pristine trails from Lenzenheide to Davos. The mountain landscapes and challenging climbs were nothing short of extraordinary. Our presence at the event extended to supporting category leaders with our merchandise store, adding to the excitement of this remarkable race.


Reef2Reef: Conquering the Down Under 

At the same time as the Swiss Epic and Trans Baviaans, we were also down under at Reef 2 Reef Mountain race with the Epic Series which offered something completely different in the heart of Tropical North Queensland of Australia. We experienced a whole new adventure at the Reef 2 Reef MTB race. Riding through diverse terrains, including rainforests, farmlands, and MTB parks, the race covered 190 km with 2525m of vertical climbing. Our support included a traveling team (AKA Andrew Gold) with a branded camper, offering a merchandise store, chill zone, and leader's jerseys.

CIOVITA Reef 2 Reef MTB race

Cycle Lab Schools Series: Nurturing Future Stars 

Finally to wrap up August, we were at the 3rd and 4th races on the Cycle Lab Schools Series calendar nurturing the future stars of South African mountain biking. At the Cycle Lab Schools races, we witnessed the incredible talent of young riders. These events showcased the passion and potential that our future generations hold, inspiring us all. 

CIOVITA at Cycle Lab Schools Series

As we reflect on this action-packed month, we remain committed to pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and celebrating achievements. From supporting inspiring women to conquering challenging races, CIOVITA continues to inspire cyclists around the world to ride with passion and purpose. 

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