A re-cap of Trans Baviaans

A re-cap of Trans Baviaans

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Described as one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world, this race requires some preparation and dedication. In the heart of the beautiful Baviaanskloof Wilderness area, amongst the most spectacular scenery even though you are in pain while cycling, at least the view is great! We had a few of our fellow Ciovita colleagues go out and race this event, we asked them about the event - highs, lows, expectations, advice to a first-timer, and the Ciovita Kit they wore to keep them comfortable. This is what they had to say…


What were your expectations going into Trans Baviaans? 

To be truly honest, I was terrified and my expectations were all over the place as this was only my second cycling race ever. We had heard and seen the horror stories from the previous weekend and I kept on jumping between whether my body or mind would be able to hold up for the distance and in the cold. But I was also very keen to see how hard and far I could push myself and so was ready for a challenge like this!

- Lauren M (Product designer) 


Highs and Lows of the overall experience?

I loved the route, the views and scenery were absolutely amazing. However, I know the last 60km after CP5 (where I pulled out) were pretty brutal conditions in the dark.  And truth be told, I really enjoyed the MAC - potentially because I cycled the mast in Tokai before the race and so that helped mentally prepare for what was to come. The bonding with our team and chatting with other people was also definitely what helped us all keep going and what made the race so great. The food was amazing although I struggled to eat at CP1 from the last few remaining nerves. 

One of the lows was the food at CP4, bean soup was not sufficient to keep me going for longer, the temperature dropped once the sun had set and I probably needed more sustenance. Cycling in the dark was also a bit crazy, it messed with my mind, and what felt like 45minutes was actually 2.5hrs. I also feel like we ended up missing a lot of the scenery, especially descending down the dipper in the dark which was a bit disappointing but I guess I will just have to cycle faster next time.

- Lauren (Product designer) 


What Ciovita Kit did you wear?

Apex bib, knee warmers, merino base layer, lava jacket, cirro jacket, waterproof gravel jacket, long sleeve Tinta, merino collar, merino ear warmers, and a contego jacket.

What would you wear again? / What would you change?

I would wear it all again and have an extra apex bib and knee warmers to change too, as the temperature drops quite significantly at night. 

- Lindani (Designer) 


What would be your advice for a first-timer doing the race? 

Break the race up into checkpoints and small milestones/wins. Take it easy for the first 100km to checkpoint 2, then you have an extremely tough 40km which you just need to suffer through, once you get to the 140km mark that's basically the finish line as the race is pretty easy and fast from there.

- Daniel (Production planner)


Would you do it again next year?


(Lauren, Daniel, Lindani, Olivia) 


Anything else you would like to share 

It was one of the best races and most challenging races I have ever done. It was definitely a unique and exciting experience. People were very friendly along the way and the general energy and vibe of the race was great. The staff were very helpful at the checkpoints and the snacks and food along the way was the best! I will definitely take part again and aim to finish.

- Olivia (marketing) 

We hope this inspires you to challenge yourself, to push the limits and conquer the Trans Baviaans. An epic adventure, filled with beautiful scenes but is one not to be deceived. 



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