Max Sullivan

Provincial Colours for Road and MTB

Max describes himself as a high-performance athlete - in the fueled by pizza and beer category. He is known to the local MTB community as Sulli in the Gully, appropriately nicknamed after he crashed into one. Max has an incredible history of racing road bikes, cross country, and marathons. He has experienced all aspects of cycling, being both sponsored and recently working behind the scenes as a freelance photographer.

Max’s years of dedication, discipline, and commitment to bettering himself on the bike have subsequently changed the person he is today. Almost every aspect of his life has been positively impacted by climbing on the bike and giving it his all, be it his general health or the lessons he has learned. While his inspiration and desire to ride have changed somewhat, there are a few certainties that remain relevant to every ride. Max rides to get outside, reach new heights, spend time with friends and occasionally get an adrenaline rush. He is inspired to ride by what cycling does for him and what it will continue to do, on and off the bike. 

Max is not just a skilled cyclist - but also a loving husband. He fondly recalls the day he first saw Kirst while racing on the track. Her presence caught his attention, and their story began to unfold from that moment on. Today, Max and Kirst enjoy a happy life together with their beloved furry companion in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

  • Provincial Colours for Road and MTB
  • Maties Sportsman of the year runner up 
  • Maties Cycling Colours
  • Multiple USSA stage, team and jersey winner