Luke Lockhart-Ross

Marketing Manager

Luke grew up with a dream of becoming a professional soccer player, a dream he shared with his brothers. They trained together, played provincial soccer, and even shared a few matches at UCT. However, a year-long injury forced Luke to reevaluate his path. With time on his hands, he delved into marketing and advertising, discovering a new outlet for his creativity. It was a perfect fit, providing Luke with a creative outlet to pursue his passion for sports.

In addition to his passion for sports and marketing, Luke is an avid cyclist. For him, the moment he cleats in and starts a ride, whether it's a one-hour spin or an epic five-hour adventure, everything else fades away. It's a blissful escape from budgets, plans, and work stresses. Each bike ride serves as a small vacation, allowing Luke to focus solely on the present moment.

Cycling offers Luke the opportunity to embrace the outdoors. It's a chance to ride alongside friends, challenge himself, and to enjoy the simple pleasure of being able to cycle.

Luke’s pet peeves include; creaky bikes, when things don’t work exactly as they should and getting dropped on rides. Luke is happiest spending time with his wife and their two dogs.