Merino Features

Merino Features

The world of cycling is dominated by synthetic fabrics designed for athletic performance, but as fabric technologies have advanced, we are seeing more and more how natural fabrics can be incorporated to create the next generation of high performance cyclewear.

Merino wool is one such fabric that is taking the cycling world by storm. This natural fabric is odour resistant, naturally breathable, thermo regulating, naturally elastic and UV resistant making it the perfect base for a wide variety of cycling apparel. It’s time you discover the joys of Merino wool fabric for yourself. Shop our Merino Capsule Collection here.

Premium Merino Blend

Made with a 79% merino wool 21% nylon blend, which allows the natural heat insulating and extreme breathability of the wool to be shaped into a lightweight, high performance garment.

Thermo-regulation Properties

Merino Wool has naturally thermo-regulating properties, which respond to changes in body temperature, helping you stay cool in hot conditions and vice versa.

Anti Bacterial & Anti Odour

Merino wool has natural anti bacterial properties and absorbs odour molecules, these are released during the wash cycle, making it a great choice for hot conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

Merino is a 100% natural and renewable sustainable resource. It is also biodegradable, organic, and environmentally friendly.

UV Protection

Merino wool naturally absorbs UV radiation which is one of the many reasons it is seeing new use in a wide variety of high performance sportswear.


Merino wool is one of the most breathable fibres in the world. This miracle fibre absorbs large quantities of moisture vapour and allows it to evaporate naturally away from the body.

Extreme Softness

Merino wool is pliable, elastic and resilient, and the high fibre count means it feels soft and gentle against the skin.

Now that you have a better understanding of what makes Merino Cycling Kit so special, why not browse the collection. Or click on the images below to visit the product pages.

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